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Dispute Resolution Services, Inc.   Specialists in Mediation
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Graduating Attorneys and Mediators
Attorney-Mediators, trained by DRS with funding provided by the
Massachusetts Bar Foundations IOLTA Program
"I was impressed with the showing of care and concern by the mediators. They were not interested in who was right or wrong, but rather a fair and just conclusion to the dispute."

a mediation participant

Founded in 1983, Dispute Resolution Services, Inc. (DRS) is the only court approved mediation center in the region. It is also the most experienced non-profit mediation center, as well as one of the largest programs of its type, in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The Center receives referrals from the courts and communities of Hampden County and serves over 1,000 clients a year. During its twenty-two year history, DRS has resolved thousands of disputes through mediation and trained an estimated 2,500 individuals to mediate or resolve conflict successfully. 

Dispute Resolution Services, Inc.
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